Individual therapy can create a safe space to allow you to explore the impacts of your partner’s sexual addiction. Individuals have identified that therapy has helped them:

  • Understand sexual addiction
  • Establish boundaries
  • Develop self care
  • Develop a stronger sense of self

Your therapeutic journey is unique to you and you have the opportunity to set the goals you want to achieve during healing journey.

Therapy is available over Skype to allow wide reaching access to a variety of individuals. Online therapy is similar to person to person therapy, but rather than meet in an office you are able to, with a webcam and microphone, meet with Jacqueline anywhere that best suits your needs. The same confidential principles apply (please see the Client Resources/ Fee and Policies link for more information regarding confidentiality).

We can talk via Skype

Comp_68409532-gHave your session from the comfort and convenience of home via Skype video chat.

It is important to know that healing is possible

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